DAVINCI Creation Through Shapes & Colors

Now Available – Exclusively at ELC stores in Indonesia.


  • EDTOY Davinci Block set is made of high-quality plastic with innovative magnet housings that ensure a creative and captivating block play.
  • Patented magnet technology comprises of 360-degree rotation that makes a *Click* sound when combined, and serrated edge that makes a distinct *Crik* sound when the blocks are rotated around each other – Try it!
  • Non-toxic color-coating process ensures complete safety for play by infants upto children aged 12 years old, and product has high-standard European CE certification for its manufacturing excellence, with exports to America, Europe and Japan.
  • This item consists of 137 pieces


Click to Enlarge Click on the thumbnail to see a larger view of Davinci block set’s 137-piece components.


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