What is a magnetic block?

Magnetic Block, or often called Polarity-Free building block, is a simple-shaped block with magnet housings securely inserted into its many sides. Patented technology is adapted not only to make these magnetic blocks stick to one another “intelligently”, but most importantly to make it absolutely safe for toddlers and young children. With this new technology, parents no longer have to get upset over traditional stacking blocks which children often get bored quickly – magnetic blocks will captivate young minds and allow children to build any shape or object that they can visualize!

Both Genii Creation and EDTOY are Korean-based companies that have invented respective magnet technology that boasts unique capabilities and characteristics. To learn more about Genii Creation’s Intelligent Magnet and EDTOY’s Serrated Rotating Magnet  technologies, click on the link for:

Genii Creation’s Intelligent Magnet

EDTOY’s Rotating Magnet (Video Stream)


The “Clicking” & “Cricking” sounds made by the revolving magnets and saw-tooth edges add a musical dimension to the creative block sets we offer; this auditory sensation makes playing with the magnetic blocks more rewarding and enjoyable for young children.

For older children aged 5 years old and above, they will immediately be intrigued by the numerous objects and models they can so easily create simply by combining geometric patterns. The numerous different types of circular, square, triangular, rectangular, and hexagonal magnetic blocks allow various objects to be made with round, curving, and straight edges.


Renowned German Educator Froebel (early 19th Century) had discovered the premise that all objects in the world are made up of basic shapes (sphere, cube, cone, cylinder), thus  playing with magnetic blocks and building objects that children see around them can give them a valuable hands-on experience with geometrical shapes. Children’s creativity, imagination and the ability to solve problems (right-brain development) can therefore be enhanced at a very young age simply by playing with the Magnetic Blocks that is so much fun for the entire family!!

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