Greetings Indonesia! We are a Jakarta-Pusat based toy retailing company established in April of 2008. Our presence at the retail scene has since been spreading all over the country including Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and even Makasar (in Sulawesi).

Our retail presence at Debenhams department store in Jakarta

Our anchor brand that is imported from Seoul, Korea has been “GENII CREATION” which has been selling through many major toy stores across Jakarta. It was with Genii products that we first presented our company philosophy to the public: We are a toy distributing/retailing company that prides ourselves in bringing high-quality educational toy products to children of Indonesia.

Genii Creation company building in Seoul, Korea

i3 Educational Toys online resources: power of IMAGINATION when children play with our products, INNOVATION in product design that can support true creative and educative play, & INSPIRATION for young children… inspiration which certainly will have a positive influence in their future! We hope we can be the ones who bring these positive values to your family.

Since September 2010, we have partnered another key player in the educational toy import industry in Indonesia to bring to you another technology-patented creative toy product with the brand “EDTOY” also from Korea, a country known to have one of the World’s highest level of early-childhood educational standards.

The combination of both Genii Creation and Edtoy product ranges has enabled us to offer to our customers a complete selection of Safe & Creativity-inspiring toys… no matter what price range you seek.

Kiddie EduToys Store in Sunter, by i3Toys 

If you think your child deserves more than ordinary toys, we surely have something for him/her! Most important of all is that you also realize your child deserves your companionship and friendship during creative block play that can be a joy for both adults and their children.

Write to us soon, we welcome all e-mails in English or Bahasa Indonesia.




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