Caring for your Wooden Toys

Your child always gets the best care from you, the parent…

But does your wooden toy set get the right care as well??

We would like to share some knowledge with all parents regarding the caring and maintenance of your magnetic wooden block sets.

  • Keep in room temperature with low humidity and away from direct sunlight.
  • If wooden toys have been stowed away for longer than a month, wipe with a dry cloth before letting young children play.
  • To thoroughly clean, DO NOT soak in water, but simply apply some antiseptic (for babies) and wipe clean with a dry smooth cloth.
  • As with all toys, play creatively & gently so that each wooden set can last for many years. If possible, have a play room with carpet flooring to reduce wear-and-tear of wooden blocks when dropped.

If you have a specific question regarding the caring and maintenance of your child’s toy sets, please write to us and type in the box for SUBJECT : Toy Care Ask i3 Toys